clip_image001Speak the truth, think truth. Continue your studies throughout your life. Be just & fear none. Fear only to do that which is ill or ignoble. Stand up for right. Love to serve your fellow-men. Love the motherland. Promote public weal. Do good wherever you get a chance for it. Love to give whatever you can spare.

Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya Ji


An individual differs from others due to his vision of life, which includes his values and ideals. To develop the right vision in our children is to create a generation of truly educated, refined and noble citizens, inspired and equipped to serve the world in various capacities, thereby fulfilling their lives. We know that the future of our children is not one of ease and comfort, but of incessant striving and stiff competition. Our emphasis is on imparting education, which will enable character building and man making as Pandit Ji had visualized.