The purpose of mottos and slogans is to bring together everybody, representing their unity and team spirit. Mottos are means to give one voice for an entire group, bring all members to the identity of their class. Slogans and mottos carry an inspiring message thus motivating everybody to follow the ideals. They often intend to inspire us to follow the right principles in life. They are aimed at bringing about a commonality, a feeling of oneness (We instead of I) in everybody and a sense of combined identity.

Our school motto is fo|;k∙e`re’uqrs (Vidyā Amrutum Shnute). It means that “The end of all knowledge is the attainment of immortality, ie. The quest of Death, victory over the fear of becoming helpless victim of cosmic process of disintegration , decay and disease and death.”

The School Anthem

That’s the spirit true,
We’re out to win, through thick and thin,
We’re always loyal to you.
Come on, Come on, not few but all of you!
We will not slack, we won’t come back
Till the fight is through.
On to Victory, on to Victory,
Keep those colours high,
No matter what the score may be
Malviyans will always try.
Do all things well, that’s our aim,
To it we’ll be true.
We’ll win the fight with all our might,
For our dear Alma Mater.