Malviya Shiksha Sadan has evolved an effective way of learning by doing. This child centered approach assists in enhancing the overall personality of the child with special attention to – refining the senses, development of social skills, motor development, language development, development of cognitive skills, conceptual development and development of practical life skills.

The classrooms are well equipped with specially designed apparatus alongwith a well equipped art room. The children work under the guidance of nursery-trained teachers.

Apart from academics children spend time in creative activities along with free play. National and religious festivals are celebrated. Art and craft activities, outdoor play and picnics to fun spots are encouraged to make schooling a joy.

The most impressionable age in a child’s life is the pre-primary age. At this age, the developments of the child are rapid and they absorb almost all that is taught to them. The onus therefore is on the adults to impart knowledge that would help the child develop good habits, proper attitudes and an inquisitive mind. With these objectives in mind, Nursery School offers an innovative approach to learning that helps the young child develop knowledge, skills and confidence, thus giving them a firm foundation.


Curiosity, rational thinking and growing maturity is nurtured through intellectual stimulation. The teaching environment is interactive and supported by teaching aids. Opportunities are provided for creativity, physical co-ordination, emotional maturity, practical and social skills. Different programmes like poetry recitation, calligraphy, story telling, extempore speaking, fancy dress and quizzes ensure that children develop skills of leadership, oration and self confidence. Computer education is a part of the curriculum. Sports culture is also inculcated through various activities. Art & craft activities develop their aesthetic sense while music & dance help refine motor & co-ordination skills. Moral Education is woven into the fabric of the curriculum. The school library offers a wide variety of books. An effective partnership exists between the school and the parents through the P.T.A.


Classes VI, VII & VIII have six sections. The age group 11 – 13 years have their unique demands and students are offered a variety of activities – literary, physical and creative. Curriculum lays strong emphasis on the three languages – English, Hindi, Sanskrit , Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Science and Computer Education. They have a choice among co-curricular subjects like art, vocal music, instrumental music, dance and yoga.

Interkul competitions like recitation, debates, essay writing, solo song, extempore speaking etc. are organized from time to time.


Classes IX and X follow the guidelines of the CBSE syllabus. Text Books are published by NCERT and reference material is prescribed by teachers for practice. Teaching is through lecture method and emphasis is laid on clarity of concepts, efficiency in practicals and application skills. Subjects studied are English, Hindi/Sanskrit, Mathematics, Integrated Science with practicals, Social Science (History, Geography, Civics, Economics, Disaster Management) Work Education and Computer Education.

Senior Secondary

In classes XI & XII the CBSE curriculum is followed. Students study one core and four Elective Subjects. Different subjects are offered and students can opt for a combination of their choice. Our school offers a choice of subjects in 2 main streams.

    1. English
    2. Maths
    3. Physics
    4. Chemistry
    5. Biology
    6. Hindi /I.P.
    1. English
    2. Accounts
    3. Business Studies
    4. Economics
    5. Hindi/Maths/I.P.


SUPW are also a part of the curriculum. SUPW includes Computers, Horticulture, Electronics, Meal Planning, Hindi Journalism, Art & Painting and Vocal Music.

On the academic front

  • About 30% of our students secured CGPA 10 in 10th standard which is the highest achievement of us in all the sister concern schools of Hindu Society.
  • In 12th standard the result was very good.Vivek Nain Secured 1st position from science stream with 91% marks. In commerce section Tina secured 1st position with 91.6 marks.
  • Highest marks secured by students in I P was 98 , 95 in Chemistry , 94 in English , Physics and Maths , 95 in Accounts and Economic.12 of our students and 10 teachers received appreciation letter from HRD minister Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani.